The Plant Breeding Institute features modern greenhouse, laboratory and field facilities. The greenhouse incorporates the latest technology in design and environment control. To maintain precise temperature control, the Institute utilises up-to-date computer systems for the greenhouse complex.

There are laboratories for molecular genetics, cytogenetics and tissue culture as well as controlled environment rooms for extended long-term storage of seed. Isolates of the rust fungi are maintained in liquid nitrogen.

There are research facilities available for undergraduate and post-graduate students, as well as teaching facilities, eg. a 60-seat lecture theatre and a conference room.

Greenhouse facility at Cobbitty


The Narrabri campus has 300 hectares of fertile, irrigable land which is available for planting the breeding nurseries for selection for agronomic attributes, the conduct of yield and quality testing and pure seed production. This is complemented by an additional 325ha of rainfed land, laboratories, offices, storage and workspaces. These facilities support plant breeding research and the routine operations of a breeding program.

Fields at Narrabri