Field Sites


The main Institute is located next to the Karalee site and all F1 crossing and important breeding lines are developed on this site. The site is a work in progress due to its history of being used as a pine plantation and there have been issues with this. In more recent times we have been very successful in growing our research lines to their potential and have had the ability to use the site for rust studies.

The site is supplied by a 120 ML dam and the University has evolved our watering techniques to minimise water use but maximise its effectiveness.

Karalee has a number of tunnel houses where both horticulture and cereal plant breeding is conducted all year round.

PBI dam


Lansdowne has a number of Faculty of Agriculture and Environment projects but on the majority is used by the Institute for turf and Fee-for-Service cropping.

Lansdowne field site


The turf area has been recently expanded and improved for use by major companies to evaluate their products and for turf species breeding. There is a state-of-the-art irrigation system used to water these areas and assistance in equipment has been provided by major golf clubs and equipment suppliers.

There are both warm season grasses (eg. couch, kikuyu and buffalo) and cool season grasses (eg. bents).

John Bruce Pye Farm

This University of Sydney farm is now part of the Faculty of Agriculture and Environment Farm Network. J. B. Pye Farm is used for large-scale cereal breeding trials and fungicide trials. Majority of the farm is now a sustainable farming project where Agriculture is collaborating with Vet Science for the benefit of a developing farm network in NSW.

John Bruce Pye Farm