The PBI has access to numerous sites across NSW. Cobbitty in the Sydney basin and Narrabri in the fertile soils of North-west NSW. These locations give the researchers access to different soils and climate which aids our research objectives.


Main centre where the majority of research and teaching is conducted. Based on the Camden Campus.


The Wheat Research Foundation site used by the University of Sydney for large scale trials. Quality testing facilities are available as well.

Field Sites

Lansdowne and Karalee are local field sites adjacent to the main PBI building at Cobbitty where cereal

Camden Farms Network

A series of farming complexes based around the Camden Campus and Bringelly.


The researchers use a wide variety of facilities for their work. This ranges from specialised microclimate rooms for rust screening, tunnel houses for breeding programs to controlled environment rooms for detailed research.

International Links

The PBI has collaborations in overseas locations in China, India, Kenya and Mexico. These links give the PBI opportunities to assist these countries in their objective of feeding the world.