NuFlora International Pty Ltd

NuFlora was established as a company in June 2000 as a collaborative venture between Mal Morgan, University of Sydney and Floraquest. The main aim of the company is to be a commercial breeder of ornamental plants.

The company is a Australian First in

  • Profitable plant genomics
  • Technology (IP) transfer with sustainable royalty returns
  • Exploiting desirable traits of Australian Native species
  • Export focused and internationally recognized

Some traits NuFlora breed for include:

  • Easy production and transport
  • Attractive shapes
  • Hardy, Drought- tolerant and easy to grow
  • Long flowering period

The distributors involved in the marketing and situated in the large markets of USA and Europe and their feedback to the Nuflora is vital to the success of the company.

Some multinational distributors involved in Nuflora:

  • Selecta
  • PLA International
  • Flowerfields
  • Proven Winners
  • Bodger Botanicals