Expanding our Horizons

In recent times the PBI has had an influx of staff from the Faculty’s Ecosytems group who are based on site at Cobbitty.
This has led to potential collaborative projects involving Ecosystems and PBI. Leading this initiative is Prof. John Crawford, Judith and David Coffey Chair in Sustainable Agriculture and Dr Lachlan Ingram, Senior Research Fellow in Sustainable Grasslands. A long term project involving one of the Camden Farms, John Bruce Pye farm was proposed.
The intent is to run a farm scale systems experiments to distinguish generic concepts from context dependent factors, and so develop universal protocols for establishing appropriate management practices. This project will also be part of a potentially collaborative one involving the implementation of related public outreach and commercial platforms at City Farm, Fairfield and the Hawkesbury corridor in partnership with IINSW, Calmsley Hill and Western Sydney Parks department.

Soil sampling