Hydrology and Geo-Information Sciences Laboratory

Who we are


Water in Australia is a critical resource, it has historically shaped and formed the landscape and it both drives, and reacts to, more recent land use change. The Hydrology and Geo-Information Sciences Laboratory (HGISL) combines the quantitative strengths of a group of staff members with a clear focus on modelling landscape processes in space and time.

Our skills cover Hydrological modelling, GIS and Remote Sensing, Water Quality and Biology, Environmental modelling, Ecohydrology and Statistics.

We offer consultancy in data analysis, statistical analysis and spatial and hydrological analysis. For information contact A/Prof Willem Vervoort

More detail about our activities can be found on the "What we do" page of this website


Our aim is to quantify the natural and anthropogenic variability in time and space of landscape processes with a main focus on hydrological and rural landuse processes

Our interest focuses on the interactions between climate, land use, soils and water in landscapes. More specifically, we are interested in the highly variable and non-linear processes. This drives the need to develop novel stochastic and hydrological simulation approaches to forecast and predict water quantity and quality, land use change and the feedbacks between water and land use.

Contact: Willem Vervoort

Associated staff

  • A/Prof Inakwu Odeh
  • A/Prof Willem Vervoort
  • Dr. Tom Bishop
  • Dr. Floris van Ogtrop
  • Prof. Mark Adams
  • Dr. Mana Gharun

Postgraduate Students

  • Farzina Akter
  • Stephen Akpa
  • Dawit Berhane
  • Tshering Dorji
  • Jonathan Gray
  • Sanaa Issa
  • Thomas Jephcott
  • Dipangkar Kundu
  • Nirmala Liyanage
  • Maryam Montazerolghaem
  • Ronald Muchelo
  • Thomas Orton
  • Liana Pozza
  • Liz Symes
  • Sarah Taylor
  • Sabastine Ugbaje
  • Derek Yates