Pulsford Laboratory

The Pulsford laboratory started out as SUNFix, the Centre for nitrogen Fixation.

SUNFix has the general aim of promoting research and teaching in Biological Nitrogen Fixation.

It seeks mutual benefits through cooperative arrangements with researchers and teachers at national and international institutions and agencies and with industry.

SUNFix Team

SUNFix Mission Statement

  • Initiate collaborative approaches to the solution of research problems of biological nitrogen fixation by encouraging interaction with other scientists and with industry, both in deciding research priorities and in coordinating research programs.
  • Encourage and participate in collaborative research programs aiming to apply the benefits of biological nitrogen fixation to provide sustainable systems for agriculture and forestry.
  • Conduct research into basic mechanisms of biological nitrogen fixation and encourage undergraduate and postgraduate students to participate in this research.
  • Foster and conduct research aimed at maximising the economic application of Rhizobium inoculants to pasture and crop legumes and participate in research aimed at providing Australian agriculture with a sufficient range of choices of leguminous and other nitrogen-fixing crops.
  • Develop innovative research seeking applications of biological nitrogen fixation to the growth of cereals and other crops currently requiring soil on fertilizer as sources of nitrogen.
  • Define any links between biological nitrogen fixation and the development of acidification in ecosystems and indicate any benefits of biological nitrogen fixation by comparison with the use of fertiliser nitrogen and particularly ammonium-based fertilizers.
  • Participate in collaborative research recognising the environmental significance of biological nitrogen fixation in ameliorating the process and impacts of global warming from the greenhouse effect.
  • Ensure that research in biological nitrogen fixation in Australia remains internationally competitive at the cutting edge by encouraging collaboration and exchange with research centres abroad.
  • Conduct the annual SUNFix Symposium on the last Friday of June.
  • Establish and maintain an accessible collection of rhizobial strains and other diazotrophs, genetic tools and an information centre in support of biological nitrogen fixation, with its resources available on request for purposes of research and practical application.
  • Provide facilities (e.g. mass spectrometry) for measurement of N2 fixation.
  • Foster postgraduate and general teaching in biological nitrogen fixation and the enhancement of related technical skills by conducting workshops.
  • Publish a periodical and to utilise other means of communication such as the Internet to promote biological nitrogen fixation.


Professor Ivan R. Kennedy
Faculty of Agriculture and Environment
C81 - Biomedical Building
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia

Phone: (02) 8627 1046
Fax: (02) 8627 1096