2012 Research Symposium

Thank you for attending the Agriculture and Environment Research Symposium: Soil Security

The 2012 Agriculture and Environment Research Symposium– jointly hosted this year by the Faculty of Agriculture and Environment and the United States Studies Centre – brought together experts from across the globe to discuss the different dimensions and approaches that must be considered in the development and establishment of international research and policy agreements on Soil Security.
Professor Ian Chubb, Chief Scientist of Australia, and Professor Marie Bashir, Chancellor of the University of Sydney, opened the 2012 Agriculture and Research Symposium and were followed by a line-up of local experts and a cross-section of international speakers including:

  • Professor Edward B Barbier - John S Bugas Professor of Economics, University of Wyoming, USA
  • Professor Johan Bouma - Emeritus Professor of Soil Science, Wageningen University, Netherlands
  • Professor Cornelia Flora - Charles F. Curtis Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Agriculture and Life Sciences, Department of Sociology, Iowa State University, USA
  • Professor Rattan Lal - Distinguished Professor, School of Environment & Natural Resources, Ohio State University, USA

A coherent Soil Security strategy will maintain and improve the world’s soil resources to ensure continuity of quality food, fibre and fresh water, making major contributions to energy and climate sustainability and maintaining biodiversity and the overall protection of ecosystem goods and services.


Professors Barbier, Bouma, Flora and Lal
Professor Edward B Barbier Professor Johan Bouma
Land degradation and the rural poorScientific and policy aspects of soil security
Professor Cornelia Flora Professor Rattan Lal
The Human Element of Soil: How Soil Security MattersScientific basis of soil carbon management and sequestration...


Photographs for the Public Lecture and the Research Symposium 2012 can be viewed by clicking here.


The Podcast for the Public Lecture can by heard by clicking here