Dr Akram Khan


I have a passion for plant breeding and improving plant breeding techniques both in the conventional as well as in the marker assisted double haploid methods.

Research interests

I am interested in plant breeding and the ways plants interact with environments to enable plants to become more productive and improve quality.

To pursue these interests my research involves a sound understanding of genetics, agronomic challenges of the target area, plant diseases and their interaction to various resistance genes. I must have the ability to create artificial epiphytotics and select resistant genotypes. I am constantly developing new machinery and procedures to expedite this work.

I have a number of current projects to improving grain-yield, disease-resistance and grain quality of wheat, cereal rye and bread baking Triticale. Most of my work is located at the Cobbitty Plant Breeding Institute, the facility of the University of Sydney and at the NSWDPI site, the Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute, Menangle. My work also involves working at several regional testing sites.


Akram Khan’s career began with completing a PhD degree at the University of Wales, U.K.

He has been working in the areas of plant breeding at Twyford Seeds Ltd-U.K, for the NSW Department of Agriculture at the Agricultural Research Institute, Wagga Wagga, International Agricultural Development Services of New York – Nepal project and now at the University of Sydney. Akram is an Associate Professor at the PBI Cobbity.