Dr Chong Mei Dong


I am interested in cereal genetics, functional genomics and molecular biology. I have a passion for utilising genomics tools and gene technologies for crop improvement.

Research interests

My research interests include cloning and functional study of genes, association study of genes with traits, and application of modern biotechnologies for wheat breeding and improvement. One of my current projects is using TILLING technology for wheat breeding. TILLING (Targeting Induced Local Lesions IN Genomes) combines traditional chemical mutagenesis with high-throughput PCR-based mutation detection. As a non-transgenic approach, TILLING generates useful mutations that can be used in wheat breeding.


Chong Mei Dong has an undergraduate and a master degree from Fudan University, Shanghai, China. Her PhD research was on the study of wheat cell cycle genes and their regulations during plant development at the Australian National University. Her post doctoral research was on meiosis and chromosome pairing in wheat at University of Adelaide. She joined the University of Sydney in 2002 as a research fellow in Plant Breeding Institute Cobbitty, working on non-transgenic gene modification methods for wheat breeding including oligonucleotide-directed gene repair and TILLING.

Recent publications

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