The Australian Lebanese Foundation was established to foster links between The University of Sydney and the Lebanese University. This will benefit understanding between Australia and Lebanon, increase opportunities for joint developments in teaching and research, advance community knowledge and interest in educational opportunities and achievements in both countries, support interchange of academic staff and students, and assist in the development of curricula so as to facilitate international interchange of graduates. The Foundation provides both expert and financial assistance to achieve these objectives.

Over a number of years, members of the Australian community of Lebanese heritage sought ways of enhancing intellectual and professional links between Lebanon and Australia. Community leaders involved both Universities in exploring the potential for linkages and in particular encouraged early interchange between The University of Sydney’s College of Health Sciences and the Faculty of Dentistry at the Lebanese University - several technical exchanges have now occurred. The Foundation was officially launched at The University of Sydney in November 2002.

The Foundation is a part of the University of Sydney and is accountable to the University Senate. It operates under a constitution approved by the University Senate and has an elected governing Council appointed by the Senate consisting of Members and Ex Officio senior University representatives.

Membership is open to all the community. Members are kept informed of Foundation events, have the opportunity to participate in educational, social and other activities aimed at advancing the aims of the Foundation. The Foundation is self-supporting. Membership fees, fund raising events and donations provide the funds. The University provides administrative support. Membership fees are inclusive of GST. Donations to the Foundation are tax deductible.

The major achievements of the Foundation include:

  • Memorandum of Understanding between The University of Sydney and the Lebanese University and the Faculties of Dentistry, Health Science, and Engineering
  • The establishment of the Australian Lebanese Foundation Constitution
  • Visit to the Lebanese University by Professor Gavin Brown, Vice Chancellor and Principal of The University of Sydney
  • Visit to The University of Sydney by Doctor Ibrahim Kobeissi, President of the Lebanese University
  • Academic exchange between the two Universities (Lecturers and Students)
  • Establishment of a corporate identity via our new logo and motto - Linking For Success
  • Establishment of a web page -
  • Recognition by The University of Sydney of the Diploma from the Lebanese University for students pursuing postgraduate studies
  • Research Co-tutelles to be formulated in Dentistry, Engineering, and Economics
  • Scholarship announced for the Masters of Engineering offered by the Faculty of Engineering - The University of Sydney
  • Scholarship announced for the study of English for 15 weeks offered by the Centre for English Teaching - The University of Sydney