About us

The Senate of The University of Sydney established the Australian Lebanese Foundation in November 2002 to lead and financially support the development of academic collaboration between the faculties of the Lebanese University and The University of Sydney. The Foundation has members drawn from the general community, students, and from business. The management of the Foundation’s activities is the responsibility of the Council which comprises elected representatives of the Australian community, the Dean of Dentistry of the Lebanese University, and the Dean of Medicine and other senior academic appointees of The University of Sydney.

The Foundation’s brief includes supporting academic and student exchange between the universities, cultural exchange and the provision of University scholarships and other forms of support to Australians of Lebanese heritage so that they can broaden their opportunities in life through education. Through these activities we aim for the advancement of the Australian Lebanese community and for strengthened bonds between the peoples of both nations.

The Foundation is a part of the University of Sydney and is accountable to the University Senate.