Timeline for the Australian Lebanese Foundation


July 2001

Two Memoranda of Understanding were agreed upon:

  • MOU signed between The College of Health Sciences, University of Sydney and The Associated Schools of Health Sciences, Lebanese University, Beirut.
  • MOU signed between the Faculty of Dentistry, The University of Sydney and The School of Dentistry, Lebanese University, Beirut.

July 23-28 2001

First visit to Lebanon by Professor Keith Lester (Dentistry), Ms Diane Ranck (College Manager International and Development, College of Health Sciences) and Dr Abraham Constantin to establish good international relationships at a university to university level with Lebanon. The trip was sponsored by the Australian Lebanese Lobby Group and the delegation was joined by the President of the Lobby Group, Mr Mousbah Sari.

April 2001

Approach to establish links between the University of Sydney and the Lebanese University by Dr Abraham Constantin. Dr Constantin coordinated the Memorandum of Understanding with The University of Sydney and Professor Fadia Ghossayn assisting with matters on the Lebanese University side.

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