Timeline for the Australian Lebanese Foundation


November 2002

First Annual General Meeting of ALF
Committee meetings are held once per month – working groups were established and a workshop was held on future directions of the ALF.

Launch of Australian Lebanese Foundation
Visit by Mr Mohammad Samak – Christian Muslim Dialogue.

June 2002

Second visit, Professor Anne Sefton (Medicine & Dentistry Curriculum Development) and Ms Diane Ranck. Purpose: commencement of cooperation initiatives.

October-March 2002

Numerous visits by Professor Fadia Ghossayn, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry in Lebanon to strengthen ties. Professor Ghossayn sat in on dentistry classes and was particularly interested in problem-based learning which is an important component of the University of Sydney’s new graduate entry dental program. The Faculty is cooperating with the University of Lebanon to support their major curriculum reform towards problem-based learning. Professor Ghossayn visited facilities at the United Dental Hospital and at Westmead.

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