Timeline for the Australian Lebanese Foundation


December 2003

Three dental students from the University of Sydney undertook their elective term placements at the Faculty of Dentistry at the Lebanese University during the Christmas holidays.

November 2003

At the same time we hosted the visit to the University of Sydney of the three Lebanese University Dentistry academics (Prof. Riad Bacho, Prof. Jose Chidiac and Dr Ziad Noujeim). Their program included joint lectures, research sharing and guest lectures. This furthered the relationship between the two faculties and paved the way for a future Co-tutelle.

President Professor Dr Ibrahim Kobeissi visited The University of Sydney as the guest of the Australian Lebanese Foundation and the Vice Chancellor. The purpose of the visit was to familiarize the President with the facilities and academic activities of The University of Sydney, the opportunity to meet academic staff, and for the University heads to meet and discuss strengthening relationships between the institutions and to further agreements. During the visit, the following were agreed:

  • Research Co-tutelles to be formulated in Dentistry, Engineering and Economics
  • Scholarship announced for the Masters of Engineering offered by the Faculty of Engineering, The University of Sydney
  • Scholarship announced for the study of English for 15 weeks offered by the Centre for English Teaching, The University of Sydney

October 2003

The ALF endorsed a scholarship to be offered in the first instance to an undergraduate student in any field of study to the value of $6,000 tenable at The University of Sydney for 2004.

September 2003

The ALF Inaugural Annual Dinner was held on 19 th September with over 320 people in attendance in the presence of Her Excellency, Professor Marie Bashir, Governor of NSW and many other dignitaries. The function was an outstanding success presenting the ALF to the community at large and raising funds to meet future objectives.

The ALF website was officially launched on 19 th September.

July 2003

Visit to Lebanon by Vice Chancellor Professor Gavin Brown and Dr. Chris Scarf, Deputy President ALF and Ms. Diane Ranck. The visit centred on exchanging a new MOU in engineering negotiated by Professor Assaad Masri, Head of Department, Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering, and establishing credit transfer/ recognition arrangements. A round-table meeting was held with all the Faculty Deans of the Lebanese University where considerable interest was expressed in developing further links with between Australia and Lebanon to a higher cultural and intellectual plane.

May 2003

Professor Fadia Ghossayn visit to The University of Sydney.

February 2003

Negotiations commenced with Faculties of Engineering for exchange.

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