2012 Timeline for the Australian Lebanese Foundation

Samy Gemayel, Lebanese MP Public Lecture

On 21st May a public lecture by Lebanese MP The Hon Samy Gemayel in the University's Carslaw Building was so popular, the lecture theatre was full to capacity and many people had to stand.

Samy proved to be a charismatic and engaging orator who captivated the audience with his clear and inspiring ideas for promoting longterm peace and prosperity in the Lebanon.

The audience was invited to join in a Q&A, and some excellent issues were raised and discussed. The quality of both questions and answers was inspiring and thought provoking.

Question time
Audience participation

2012 Scholarship Presentation and Sponsors Dinner

Following the public lecture, the Scholarship Presentation and Sponsors Dinner was held in the University's Refectory Hall where 70 guests were able to share a wonderful first class dinner and official presentation ceremony for this year's ALF scholarship recipients.

A brief welcoming speech was given by ALF President, Prof Fadia Ghossayn, followed by a short talk presented by guest speaker Samy Gemayel, Lebanese MP. Once again Samy presented his convictions and ideals with clarity, good will and good humour.

Fadia Ghossayn on podium dinner

Prof Fadia Ghossayn welcoming guests

Samy Gemayel on podium dinner

The Hon Samy Gemayel MP

Ana-Maria Daoud, certificate

Ana-Maria Daoud receiving her ALF Scholarship, studying Biomedical Engineering.

George Costantine, certificate

George Costantine receiving his ALF Scholarship, studying Education, Secondary/Arts.

Hayat Chamtie, certificate

Hayat Chamtie receiving her ALF Scholarship, studying engineering, Science (Psychology).

Joshua Massad, certificate

Joshua Massad receiving his ALF Scholarship, studying Medical Science.

On behalf of the recipients, George Costantine graciously accepted the scholarships, and his speech demonstrated the enthusiasm and personability which merits such a dinstinction.

George Costantinc speech

George's acceptance speech

Guests had the opportunity to mingle and share thoughts with Samy Gemayel and each other.

James & Mrs Wakim

James and Lola Wakim

Mira and Anthony Hasham

Mira and Anthony Hasham

Maureen and Joe Rizk

Maureen and Joe Rizk

Alf Mouffarige ?


May Sukari

May Sukari

Open Day

On 25th August The University of Sydney held its Open Day and this year proved to be one of the most busy Open Days on record - never before have we experienced so many enquiries at the Foundation's stand from students in years 12 and 11 (and even 10) wanting to find out more about the university and the foundation's scholarship programme. This year we were able to let them know about YALA (Young Australian Lebanese Association) which started up earlier this year.

Open Day ALF stand

visitors at our stand

stand assistants

Hayat, Ana-Maria, Joshua, Rania, George.

The Main Quadrangle was colourful, lively and packed! Many thanks to our wonderful stand assistants who took time out of their busy schedules to help on the day.