The 2013 Scholarship Presentation Dinner

Betty Hindi WHoL at podium

On 6th May we hosted the Scholarship Presentation Dinner in MacLaurin Hall with special guest of honour, The Hon Barry O'Farrell MP, Premier of NSW, and guest speakers H.E. Ziyad Baroud, former Lebanese Minister of Interior & Municipalities; Mr Marcel Ghanem, host of LBC's Kalam El Nass; and Mrs Betty Hindi, Founder NGO World House of Lebanon.

Distinguished guests included Lebanese Ambassador Dr John Daniel; Consul General of Lebanon Mr George Bitar Ghanem; The Hon George Thomas MP; Vice-Chancellor Dr Michael Spence.

The memorable evening kicked off in the University's historic Quadrangle where drinks were served under the porch, and guests had the opportunity to meet and greet the Premier before moving upstairs into the grand MacLaurin Hall and taking their seats.

MC Dr Chris Scarf welcomed guests and announced the six scholarship winners for 2013 and extended special thanks and acknowledgement to the Arab Bank Australia, Platinum Sponsor and long-term supporter of the ALF's activities, and introduced Event Sponsor Mrs Betty Hindi who outlined WHoL's mission of linking with the Lebanese diaspora and reminding them of their rights and obligations.

v-c at podium

Dr Scarf then introduced Premier O'Farrell who delivered an engaging and powerful speech, followed by Vice-Chancellor Dr Spence.

Guests savoured the excellent main course and were surprised when the "chef" approached the podium and introduced himself, before breaking out into song, followed by a waitress and waiter who also serenaded the totally captivated audience and enthralled us all.

It was obvious that guests were having a great time, with the Premier joining in the spontaneous singing.

Mr Marcel Ghanem needed no introduction this year and his short speech was received with enthusiasm.
He introduced special guest speaker H.E. Ziyad Baroud who captured the audience with his stirring and engaging speech.

premier waving napkin
singing waitress
Ziyad Baroud at podium

Dr Scarf then invited the The Hon Premier, the Vice-Chancellor and Prof Fadia Ghossayn to the stage, and the six scholarship sponsors and recipients were in turn invited up for the 2013 scholarship presentations.
The Australian World Trading Scholarship was awarded to Cassandra Abdallah, studying Civil Engineering/Commerce;
The Bank of Sydney Scholarship was awarded to Mohamed Chamtie, studying Engineering (Civil)(Geotechnical);
The Caltex M4 Scholarship was awarded to Maryanne Daher, studying Design in Architecture;
The Ghossayn Group Scholarship was awarded to James El-Chami, studying Medical Science;
The John Symond Scholarship was awarded to Rachel Khoury-Harb, studying Pharmacy;
The Arab Bank Australia Scholarship was awarded to Joe Wehbe, studying Psychology.

group photo on stage

A surprise announcement was made by Marian Theobald who presented Dr Chris Scarf with a plaque in recognition of his longstanding and tireless contribution in the role of Vice-President of the ALF Council and to Dr Jamal Rifi for his significant contribution to the ALF achievements over the years.

Guests enjoyed the relaxed and congenial atmosphere while dessert and coffee was served.

Photo gallery from the presentation dinner