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Career and education

Never stop learning

Take advantage of a growing program of benefits to help you start, change or expand your career.

As a University of Sydney graduate, you have access to a wide range of resources, mentoring opportunities, events and support to help you continue your passion for learning.

Check out the Careers Centre for helpful resources or read inspiring alumni stories in the Sydney Alumni Magazine (SAM). The options are limitless, the choice is yours.

Career and education resources

Careers Centre

The Careers Centre is your one-stop shop for resources and information to assist you in planning your career. Whether you are looking for tips on creating an effective resume, improving skills for an interview, best using your degree, obtaining individual career advice or finding out about positions available in your field, the Careers Centre can assist you.

Find a mentor

Get a career head start by talking to someone who’s been through it all before. Our alumni mentors are here and ready to offer real-world advice, from industry insights to tips on to how to grow your professional networks. Through our online mentoring platform they can share their wealth of knowledge to help you develop and shape your career. Simply create a profile, set your career goals, browse the list of mentors and reach out to them to book in a career conversation, which happens over the phone. If you'd like more information, contact us at

Become a mentor

Mentoring others can provide you with unique experiences and tap into previously unidentified skills and attributes that may make a difference to your future career. As a mentor, you will increase your leadership skills and pass on your valuable knowledge to our students. The University of Sydney has an extensive range of mentoring activities that provide a positive outcome and new experiences for a diverse range of students, staff and alumni. 

Sydney Ideas

Connect with the likes of David Suzuki, Germaine Greer, Helen Clark, Tariq Ali, Tim Flannery, Gareth Evans and Bill McKibben, to name a few. Sydney Ideas is the University’s premier public lecture series program that brings leading thinkers in Sydney, Australia and the world to the wider Sydney community. 

Courses at the Centre for Continuing Education

The Centre for Continuing Education has a range of short courses, from business to languages to travel and everything in between, providing you with the perfect way to enrich your knowledge, gain new insight and discover untapped creativity. As an graduate, you are eligible to receive a 10 percent discount (up to $500 per course) on enrolments. With hundreds of courses to choose from, there’s something for everyone.

Sydney Alumni Magazine

Stay updated with the latest news, features and stories via the University’s own magazine dedicated to alumni. Each edition of Sydney Alumni Magazine (SAM) offers news, alumni stories, on-campus activities and research articles, available online or via e-subscription. Alumni have access to previous editions of SAM and can also submit their career stories for the ‘classnotes’ section via the website.

Library membership

In your first year as a University of Sydney graduate, you are entitled to a 12-month library membership valued at $80, for free. This allows you to access the resources of the University library, including books and journals. You also benefit from on-campus access to the electronic resources available. 


One moment you’re a new graduate, starting your first job with your whole life in front of you – the next your own children are graduating. You wonder where the time has gone, what happened to your own classmates and how you ever lost contact. Now you can reconnect with your graduating year through our exclusive reunion events held on campus.