Belinda Hutchinson AM (BEc ’76)

Professional Achievement

Belinda Hutchinson

Belinda Hutchinson originally studied architecture but after two weeks knew it was not for her. After some quick counselling, she tried economics, discovered accounting and found her métier. She graduated with a Bachelor of Economics in 1976 and has gone on to make a significant impact on the corporate world as one of Australia’s most sought-after female directors.

After seven years working for the audit firm Arthur Andersen, here and in the US, in 1992 Belinda made news when she was appointed as the only woman on the Board of Sydney Water, and has since been an active participant on a number of business boards, including Telstra, Coles, AGL, Energy Australia, plus community organisations such as St Vincents Health Australia and the Salvation Army.

This CV was crowned in 2010 when Hutchinson was appointed as Chair of the global insurer QBE, making her one of just a handful of female chairs in Australian corporate life.

Belinda has also established a family foundation with her husband to support a variety of community-based projects, including The Hunger Project in Malawi, Africa, which provides assistance to 10 villages through a food bank and microfinance program.

They have also supported a Not-For-Profit scholarship in 2010-11 of the Global Executive MBA within the Business School at the University of Sydney.