Dr David Hunter (MBBS ’82)

International Achievement

David Hunter

Epidemiologist Dr David Hunter (MBBS ’82) has won the International Alumni Award for his pioneering leadership in researching the variety of factors that cause cancer, principally through his creation of global studies that have built huge rich databases of information.

Dr Hunter is Professor in Cancer Prevention and Dean for Academic Affairs at the Harvard School of Public Health, where he has led several major research studies.

Dr Hunter has led two major studies, firstly the Nurses’ Health Studies (and a similar-sized follow-up study of nurses), and secondly, the Breast and Prostate Cancer Cohort Consortium, which encompasses major world epidemiological cohort studies totalling 750,000 participants with lifestyle information and DNA samples.

In the words of one of his nominators, Professor Bruce Armstrong, Professor of Public Health at Sydney: “He has created enormous infrastructure for research that will lead to more precise understanding of the role of the common genetic variants in cancer aetiology.”

Dr Hunter is also the principal investigator of a four-year grant, from the US National Cancer Institute to study the genetic and biological mechanisms that contribute to breast cancer. Dr Hunter also collaborates with researchers in Tanzania to investigate the relationship between nutrition and HIV.