Jodie Ingles

Rita and John Cornforth Medal for PhD Achievement

Jodie Ingles

An outstanding researcher in the field of genetic heart diseases, Jodie Ingles (PhD (Medicine) ’11) has made significant contributions to the discipline with a demonstrated capacity for research output.

She has published 20 high-quality peer-reviewed papers, 14 of which arose directly from her PhD research into the psychosocial aspects of genetic heart disease in the young. She has presented her work internationally, and in 2011, was awarded the CSANZ Affiliates Prize for research into the cost-effectiveness of genetic testing.

Jodie has established the world’s first National Genetic Heart Disease Registry in Australia and Australia’s first Genetic Heart Disease Clinic, which is being used as a model for similar centres in Australia and overseas.

Most recently, she has been awarded the NHMRC Early Career Scholarship, which was co-funded by the National Heart Foundation of Australia.