Alumni profiles

Meet University of Sydney alumni who are opening new frontiers through their research, achievements and contributions to society.

Clover Moore

An Arts graduate who became the first popularly elected female Lord Mayor in 150 years, Clover Moore has made great contributions to community welfare projects in Sydney.

Jack Manning Bancroft

The inaugural recipient of the ANZ Indigenous Scholarship, Jack Manning-Bancroft is the founder of the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME).

Ben Quilty

2011 Archibald Prize winner and graduate of the Sydney College of Arts, Ben Quilty produced his acclaimed portrait of Margaret Olley in just two hours.

Jonathan Mills

Director of the Edinburgh International Festival, Jonathan Mills’ passion for composing was kindled by his Bachelor of Music studies.

Wirginia Maixner

The ‘neurosurgeon’s neurosurgeon’, Dr Wirginia Maixner graduated from the School of Medicine to become one of Australia’s leading neurosurgeons.

Anna Rose

The Environment Minister’s joint 2009 Young Environmentalist of the Year, Arts/Law graduate Anna Rose is Founder and Co-Director of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition.

David Adams

School of Medical Sciences graduate, Dr David Adams, discovered a key player in pancreatic cancer.

Ann Sefton

A neurologist and educator, Ann Sefton has dedicated her career to improving the provision of medical education.

Carolyn Watson

Carolyn Watson is an award-winning conductor and educator, working with some of the best musicians in the world.

Naomi Hart

Human rights lawyer, Naomi Hart, counts her passion for history and debating as invaluable in her work with death row prisoners.