Australia Day Honours - 2006

Emeritus Professor Charles Blackburn AC (MBBS '37, MD '39, BA '90, MD '91)
For service to the development of academic medicine and medical education in Australia, particularly in relation to the evolving relationship between research and clinical practice, and as a mentor influencing the professional development of a generation of leading health care professionals.

Emeritus Professor Harry Messel, AC CBE (MSc ’87, D Sc ’92)
Services to Australian science and to education, in particular for raising awareness in the study of physics, and for conservation advocacy relating to crocodile and alligator species.

Dr David R Brewster, AM (MPH ’85)
Service to medicine as a paediatrician, particularly through developments in Indigenous child health care and the treatment of malnutrition in developing countries, and to medical education.

Dr Karl S Kruszelnicki, AM (MBBS ’87)
Service to the community through promoting greater understanding and knowledge of the application of science to daily living as an author and science commentator on radio and television.

Mr Francis L Levy, AM (LLB ’72, BA ’73)
Service to the Jewish community, particularly through a range of educational, cultural, legal and religious organisations.

Dr Thomas G Parry, AM (M Ec ’72)
Service to public administration in New South Wales, particularly through the provision of advise to government on a economic regulatory, business promotion and industry issues.

Mr Peter G Montgomery, AM (LLB ’72)
Service to sport in a range of administrative roles related to Olympic sport and water polo.

Professor John P Carter, AM (BE Civil ’73, PhD Eng ’78, D Eng ’03)
Service to civil engineering through research into soil and rock mechanics and as an academic, author and adviser.

Mr Bill J Moss, AM (B Ec ’76)
Service to the banking industry, particularly in home lending and investment banking practices, and to the community through sporting, tourism and disability support organisations.

Mr Paul Gottlieb, AM (ME ’80)
Service to science and technology through the development and marketing of equipment and software for use in particle analysis and identification in the minerals processing sector.

Mr Ronald J Esdaile, AM (B Sc Agr ’60)
Service to agriculture and to conservation through contributions to research and development leading to the adoption of more sustainable crop production practices in Australia.

Associate Professor Ross H Steele, AM (BA ’60)
Service to tertiary education, particularly the promotion of French language and culture in Australia, and to the community through support for a range of arts organisations.

Dr Antony B X Breslin, AM (MBBS ’63)
Service to thoracic medicine, particularly in the area of respiratory diseases through education, research, clinical practice and professional organisations.

Dr David L Bradford, AM (MBBS ’65)
Service to medicine through public policy development in the field of sexual health, and to leadership roles in professional organisations.

Dr Frances M Booth, AM (MBBS ’67)
Service to ophthalmology and to international relations, particularly through the development of an eye health care project to assist the people of New Guinea.

Mr Alec J Hill, AM (BA ’40)
For service to education on the field of Australian military history, to the Australian War Museum as a writer and a mentor to the stories, and as a contributor to the Australian Dictionary of Biography.

Mr Jack Plews, AM (BA ’47, Dip Ed ’48)
Service to education, particularly through Goulburn High School, and to the community as a supporter of civic and youth projects.

Professor Geoffrey R S Lancaster, AM (PhD Mus ’99)
Service to the Arts, particularly through interpreting and performing 18th century keyboard works, to orchestral direction and music education.

Ms Penelope J Figgis, AO (BA ’80)
Services to the environment and nature conservation through contributions to environmental organisations, public authorities and policy development in biodiversity conservation, protected areas and sustainable tourism.

Dr Ian R Vanderfield, OBE AO (MBBS ’52, Hon Fellow ’91)
Service to the community through delivery of health care services, and to Rugby Union football.

Dr Jeanne M Collison, AO (MBBS ’52, DA ’56)
Services to medicine, particularly in the field of cardiac anaesthesia and as a pioneer of cardiac bypass techniques through development of the first Australian heart-lung machine.

Mr David A K Ferguson, AO (BA ’58, LLB ’60, LLM ’69)
Services to law and the legal profession and to fostering links with peak legal bodies in the Asia Pacific region.

Mr Malcolm H Mackerras, AO (B Ec ’62)
Service to the community in relation to the political process in Australia and other western democracies, and through reform to the electoral system, and to education.

Dr Donald M Lamberton, AO (B Ec ’49)
Services to economics in education and research in the field of information economics through the impact of technology, information and society on economic development.

Dr J W Copland, AO (B V Sc ’64, PhD Vet S ’68)
Services to veterinary science in the areas of veterinary parasitology and fish pathology and the application of this research to agricultural programs in developing countries.

Mr Robert B Inkster, OAM (Dip Crim ’85)
Service to the community through organisations involved in law enforcement and criminal investigation.

Associate Professor Raymond J R King, OAM (Grad Dip Jur ’87, PhD Arts ’78)
Service to the community through a range of organisations involved in maintaining mental health and suicide prevention, and to the development of programs to assist older men.

Dr Simon R Hammond, OAM (PhD Med ’90)
Service to local government, fire and emergency services, and maritime education.

Dr George Nikolic, OAM (MBBS ’71)
Service to medicine, particularly in the field of critical care in the Australian Capital Territory.

Mr David G Guinn, OAM (B Ec ’77)
Service to international relations through support of the community of Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea in a range of health, social welfare and service organisations.

Mr Donald M Paul, OAM (BA ’50, Dip Ed ’51)
For service to the community through a range of roles contributing to ex-service, health and educational scholarship programs in the Riverina region.

Dr Geoffrey C Stacy, OAM (BDS ’51)
For service to dentistry, particularly in the area of oral and maxillofacial surgery, and to the community.

Dr Wal Utber, OAM (MBBS ’52)
For service to medicine as a general practitioner and to the community of Strathfield

Dr Jean Challice, OAM (MBBS ’41, DDM ’53)
Service to medicine, particularly in the field of dermatology, and to the community.

Dr Keith B Khan, OAM (MBBS ’53)
Service to the community of Wollongong as a general practitioner.

Dr Valerie J Hill, OAM (MBBS ’53)
Service to the community of ACT as a general practitioner and family counsellor.

Ms Edna O Green, OAM (BA ’59)
Service to the community, recording and documenting military history, and to the welfare of veterans and their families.

Dr Leslie C Rae, OAM (MBBS ’60)
For service to medicine, particularly through the National Bowelscan Committee, and to aged persons.

Dr Peter J R Zelas, OAM (MBBS ’63)
For service to medicine and to the community of western Sydney, particularly through roles at the Blacktown Hospital and in the field of colorectal surgery.

Dr Peter G Kaleski, OAM (BDS ’64)
Service to dentistry

Dr Michael A W Noel, OAM (MBBS ’70)
For service to medicine, particularly in the field of palliative care.

Dr William T H Scales, OAM (MBBS ’40, DO ’47)
For service to ophthalmology and to the community of South Australia, particularly people living in remote Indigenous communities.

Ms Jean V Newall, OAM (BA ’45, Dip Ed ’46)
For service to the preservation of local history, particularly through the Armidale and District Historical Society and the New England Girls' School.

Dr Hilarie E Lindsay, MBE OAM (PhD ’98)
Service to Australian literature as an author and through a range of professional organisations in support of emerging writers.

Mr John L Holmes, OAM (B Ec ’49)
Service to the community through music, particularly in the provision of educational opportunities and support of the Canberra Symphony Orchestra.

Mr David W Roden, PSM (B Soc Stud ’69, M Soc Stud ’82)
Service and contribution to public sector reform, improvement in public sector performance and state administration.

Ms Sara L Thorley Smith, PSM (B Ed ’89)
For outstanding public service to public education, particularly through the development of programs in the Safety and Security Directorate.

Dr Graeme W Eggleston, PSM (B V Sc ’72)
For service and contribution to rural disaster preparedness and response.

Mrs Judith A Blazow, PSM (BA ’73)
Service in the development and implementation of major health care reforms including a pilot program for bowel cancer screening, a new national co-operative food regulatory scheme and the pharmaceutical component of the Australia-US Free Trade Agreement.

Ms Katharine M Campbell, PSM (BA ’76)
For outstanding public service in enhancing Australia's education and research links with China and Indonesia.

Ms Julie A Buckley, PSM (B Ed ’69)
For service and contribution to improving animal welfare practices in TAFE NSW.