Australia Day Honours - 2007

The Hon Alan R Abadee (LLB ’61) RFD QC
AM for service to the judiciary and the law, particularly to sentencing development and reform, and to the military justice system.

Mr Neil G Armfield (BA ’77, DLitt ’06)
AO for service to the arts, nationally and internationally, as a director of theatre, opera and film, and as a promoter of innovative Australian productions, including indigenous drama.

Emeritus Professor Elizabeth A Ashburn (BA ’75)
OAM for service to the visual arts, contemporary Australian art, education and the community.

Associate Professor Peter D Barnard (BDS ’54, MDS ’67, DDSc ’91, HonFellow ’02)
OAM for service to the community in preventative and public health dentistry in Australia and the Pacific Rim, through dental epidemiological studies, and to education.

Mr Roderick C Best (BA ’77, LLB ’79, LLM ’86)
PSM for service in the provision of legal services within the NSW Department of Community services.

Mr Neil D Black (BScAgr ’71)
PSM for service to education in NSW.

Mr Ashley R Bonthorne (BArch ’64)
AM for service to architecture and urban planning, to the architectural profession, to local government and the community.

Lt Colonel Bernadette C Boss (MInternatLaw ’02)
CSC for outstanding achievement as commanding officer, Sydney University Regiment.

Mrs Susanne F Bradley (BA ’67)
AM for service to community in mental health, disability support, educational, civic and charitable organisations.

Mr Ian C Carroll (BA ’64, LLM ’79, LLB ’68)
OAM for service to the community through educational, sporting, social welfare and cultural organisations.

Dr Andrew G Child (MBBS ’66)
AM for service to medicine, in obstetrics and gynaecology as a clinician, teacher and administrator.

Mr Benjamin M T Chow (BE [Civil] ’69)
AO for service to the community through intercultural activities to promote social interaction, economic and employment opportunities, including the establishment of Harmony Day.

Mr Terence J O Clarke (BA ’66)
AM for service to the performing arts as a director, actor, writer, composer and educator.

Dr Paul Conway (BA ’66,LLB ’69, LLM ’75)
OAM for service to the community, particularly through the National Council of Jewish Women of Australia, and to the law.

Mrs Zina Conway (DipEd ’68, BA ’67)
OAM for service to the community, particularly through the National Council of Jewish Women of Australia.

Air Vice-Marshal Christopher L Deeble AM (BSc ’79)
CSC for outstanding achievement as director general aerospace development, Capability Systems Division, Capability Development Group.

Associate Professor Norton A Duckmanton RFD (BDS ’52, MDS ’64)
OAM for service to veterans and their families and to dentistry as a practitioner and educator in prosthodontics

Ms Julie C Dunsmore (MPHlth ’93)
AM for service to the community as a grief counsellor, to families of the victims of the 2002 Bali bombing, to youth and to raising awareness of mental health issues.

Professor Keith W Entwistle (BVetSc ’68)
AM for service to the beef industry through research into tropical beef cattle reproduction, and to veterinary education.

Dr Alan E Farnsworth (MBBS ’66)
AM for service to medicine as a cardiothoracic surgeon, to medical education and the development of new procedures, and as a volunteer in Asia and the Pacific.

Dr Adam G Frost (MBBS ‘78)
OAM for service to the community through the provision of medical aid to victims of the 2005 Bali bombings.

Professor Margaret E Gardner (BEcon ’76, PhDEcon, ’84)
AO for service to tertiary education, particularly in university governance and gender equity, and to industrial relations in Queensland.

Professor Clive G Harper (MBBS ’67, MD ’96)
AM for service to medicine in neuroscience, chiefly research into the neuropathological consequences of alcohol-related brain damage, and for input to public health policy.

Professor John P Harris (MS ’85, MBBS ’72)
AM for service to medicine, notably vascular surgery and ultrasound procedures and techniques, to medical education and to public health administration.

Mr Allan D Henderson (BSc ’61, BE[Civil] ’63)
PSM for service to Sydney Water, particularly in the field of construction project management.

Dr Richard L Henry (MBBS ’76)
AM for service to paediatric respiratory medicine as a clinician, researcher, educator and mentor.

Ms Noelene E Horton (BA ’65)
AM for service to education, particularly through executive roles with professional associations, to the promotion of effective school leadership and to the community.

Mr Paul I Hough (BSc ’70)
AM for service to education, notably as headmaster of St Joseph's College, and to indigenous youth education, pastoral care and cross-cultural initiatives.

Mr Peter F Lazar (BA ’54)
AM for service to business, mainly through public relations, to dental health education and to the community through aged care, health, cultural and social welfare groups.

His Excellency Mr Michael G L'Estrange (BA ’75)
AO for service to public policy, particularly national security and foreign policy, and to fostering international relations through diplomacy, trade and culture.

Mr Colin W Love (LLB ’68)
AM for service to sport as a national and international rugby league administrator, and to sports law.

Dr Peter J Malouf (MBBS ’64)
OAM for service to medicine, particularly as a physician to sporting and recreational organisations.

Dr Lesley A Muir (BA ’69, MA ’85, PhDArts ’95 )
OAM for service to recording and preserving local history, particularly in the Canterbury District.

Mr Paul A Pholeros (BSc [Arch] ’74, BArch ’77)
AM for service to the community by improving the living conditions and health of indigenous communities through housing design and environmental improvement, and job creation.

Dr John W Plant (BVetSc ’62)
OAM for service to veterinary science and to the Australian sheep industry, particularly in disease control.

Ms Jan L Redfern (BEcon ’81, LLB ’83, LLM ’90)
PSM for service in the field of corporate and financial services regulation and enforcement.

Emeritus Professor Benjamin K Selinger (BSc ’60, MSc ’61)
AM for service to science education and the community, particularly in consumer awareness and standards.

Professor Bruce S Singh (MBBS ’69)
AM for service to psychiatry through medical education and training, contributions to mental health research and reform, and the development of clinical services.

Dr Roger S Turner (BVetSc ’71)
PSM for service in leading significant cultural and operational changes in the Australian meat export industry.

Dr Carolyn M West (MBBS ’69)
AM for service to medicine and as an advocate for people with disabilities, especially spina bifida.

Mr Ian D Westwood (LLB ’78)
AM for service to military law, particularly as chief judge advocate

Mr Ralph D B Whalley (BScAgr ’56)
AM for service to conservation and the environment, notably through research into Australian native grasses used for pasture, lawn and re-vegetation of degraded areas.

Associate Professor Kevin G Whithear (BVetSc ’68)
OAM for service to veterinary science and education, particularly the research, development and production of vaccines to control poultry diseases.

Dr Gary M Willmott (BEcon ’66, DipEd ’67)
OAM for service to education, particularly in curriculum and qualification assessment, and through promoting vocational education and training.

Dr Robert H Wilson (PhDAgr ’80)
AM for service to the pork industry through research and producer groups, contributions to business and market development, and improved farm management.