Queen's Birthday Honours - 2006

Christopher J Aird (BEc '71)
PSM, For outstanding public service in the development and implementation of Government policies and strategies relating to consumer protection in the NSW home building sector.

Alan R Barcan (BA '46, Dip Ed '47, MA '54, M Ed '58)
AM, For service to the study of the history of education and social sciences in Australia and as a contributor to raising public debate on educational issues.

Jonathan A Bell (LLB '63)
OAM, For service to the community through a range of children's, sporting, rural and ex-service welfare organisations, and to the law.

John C Carrick (BA '68)
OAM, For service to the community through Rotary International, particularly in the areas of health promotion, youth affairs and international relations.

Peter G Christian (MateriaMedica Pharmacy)
OAM, For service to the preservation of Australian history, particularly through the Fellowship of First Fleeters, and to the community.

Gregory I Combet (BEc '87, DipLabRel&Law '91)
AM, For service to industrial relations and through advocacy for the improved health and safety of workers, including people affected by asbestos-related diseases, and to the community.

William A Crothers (MateriaMedica Pharmacy)
OAM, For service to the community of Bourke, particularly through the Anglican Church of Australia, and to the pharmaceutical profession.

Jack Denham (BA '42)
OAM, For service to the Australian horse racing industry as a trainer and as a mentor to apprentice jockeys.

Kay A Ellem (B Sc Med '53, MBBS '55)
AO, For service to medical research through significant contributions in the field of cancer immunotherapy.

Herbert Freilich (MBBS '47)
AM, For service to the community through philanthropic support for a range of organisations and as a medical practitioner.

Reginald S Gee (BE(Civil) '51, Dip TCP '53)
OAM, For service to local government, to engineering and to the community of Taroona.

Gregory J Hancock (BSc '68, BE(Civil) '70, PhD Eng '76, DEng '03)
AM, For service to engineering as a contributor to the development of industry standards, particularly in relation to cold-formed steel structures, through research roles relating to the behaviour and design of thin-walled structures, and as an educator.

Peter C Hayward (BSc '53, BE (Mech & Elec) '55)
OAM, For service to the community of Camden through a range of church, historical and business organisations.

Christopher B Ingall (MBBS '78)
OAM, For service to medicine as a paediatrician and through clinical training roles, and as founder of the Northern Rivers Children's Health Fund.

Richard E Jane (BVetSc '61)
AM, For service to veterinary science, particularly through leadership roles within professional and regulatory organisations in New South Wales, to local government, and to the community.

Peter B Kearns (BA '59)
OAM, For service to education, particularly as an advocate for vocational education and training and life-long learning.

Francis H Lang (MBBS '55)
OAM, For service to medicine, particularly in the field of otorhinolaryngology, and to the Army Reserve.

Raymond M Lowenthal (MBBS '65, MD '78)
AO, For service to medicine in the fields of oncology and palliative care and as a clinician, educator, researcher and contributor to professional organisations at state and national levels.

John M Mack (BSc '58, PhD Sci '71)
AM, For service to mathematics education, particularly in the area of curriculum development, to the arts, and to a range of academic professional organisations.

Kenneth C McKay (DipCrim '91)
APM (no citation listed)

Denis P Myers (B Soc Stud '73)
PSM, For outstanding public service to the welfare of the Aboriginal community.

Nicolaos Nicolopoulos (BDiagnostRadiography '01)
PSM, For outstanding public service and contribution to improving the service delivery of emergency management in Australia.

Margaret H Olley (DVisArts '00)
AC, For service as one of Australia's most distinguished artists, for support and philanthropy to the visual and performing arts, and for encouragement of young and emerging artists.

Deborah R Page (BEc '80)
AM, For service to community health, particularly through the Cancer Council of New South Wales, and to commerce and accountancy in a range of executive roles with business and professional organisations.

Barry C Pearson (MBBS '52)
OAM, For service to medicine as a general practitioner, and to the community of Hurstville through aged care and service organisations.

Peter C Perry (BSc '43, BE (Eng Tech) '44)
OAM, For service to the community through health and youth organisations, and through Rotary International.

John A Ramsland (MEd '72)
OAM, For service to the community, particularly through historical research in the areas of child poverty and abuse, the Indigenous experience and institutional life in colonial Australia, and to education.

George D Repin (MBBS '52, GradDipPHlth '68)
AM, For service to medicine, particularly through the Australian Medical Association, to the development of post graduate education, and to medico-legal and professional organisations.

Robert I Taylor (B Vet Sc '39)
OAM, For service to veterinary science as a practitioner, and to the community through historical and service organisations.

Kimberley L Williams (BMus '74)
AM, For service to arts administration through executive roles with a range of cultural organisations, to music education and the formulation of arts related public policy.