Future alumni program

The future alumni program connects new international students with alumni. Gatherings hosted by alumni provide an opportunity for students to meet and engage with their fellow students and alumni families, enabling all to share academic, professional and social experiences and foster new friendships.

A chance to share

International students comprise more than a fifth of all students at the University of Sydney. These high-achieving students travel from around the globe to study and conduct research across the broadest range of disciplines offered in Australia.

The future alumni program aims to provide greater opportunities for social inclusion for international students by introducing them to alumni and fellow students, to assist in navigating language and cultural nuances.

The program also benefits Australian students hoping to increase their networks, and provides alumni with an opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of current students.

How it works

Alumni are invited to host a meal for approximately four to six students, offering a warm and friendly environment for students to draw inspiration from the professional and personal achievements of their hosts.

In a relaxed and friendly setting such as the home of a host or a restaurant it is hoped that students will network, form friendships and exchange experiences with one another and their host. Gatherings may range from a leisurely breakfast to a barbeque lunch or a formal dinner – the host decides.

Participants engage in the gatherings of their own will and cost and the University has no responsibility in relation to the gatherings whatsoever.