Volunteer FAQs and policies

The University has a long tradition of engagement with our family of alumni and supporters, who are both advocates for our work and friends.

The Alumni and Events Office would like to thank all alumni and friends who volunteered or wish to volunteer to support University causes. Our office recognises the importance of volunteering and is committed to best practices of volunteer management. As such, the Alumni and Events Office would like to ensure that all volunteers have access to and understand University policies relevant to their work.

Please read through the policies particularly relevant to volunteers below, and if you have any questions, please email the Alumni Volunteer Manager, at .


What counts as a suitable volunteering opportunity?

Any unpaid activity on your behalf for the benefit of the University in designated volunteer roles only under the supervision of a recognised volunteer unit.

How can I find a volunteering opportunity?

Visit the Volunteer opportunities page

How can I source my own volunteering opportunity?

You can submit potential volunteering opportunities through to the University for approval by emailing the .

Do I have to do all my volunteering with one organisation?

No. However you will need to coordinate with the relevant Volunteer Supervisor(s) in the various Faculties or Units.

Does all my volunteering need to be done in Sydney?

No. There are many opportunities both within and outside the University.

If I volunteer with the University will I receive credit towards my degree?

Possibly. This is dependent upon the faculty or unit you are volunteering with as well as approval from the appropriate academic supervisor.

Who can help me if I run into problems during my placement?

You can contact your supervisor or email the .

If I volunteer will I be covered by insurance?

Yes. All recognised volunteers are covered by the University’s insurance, however a signed volunteer schedule needs to be on file with your volunteer supervisor. Information about insurance for volunteers can be found on the Audit and Risk Management website.

If I volunteer what authority do I have?

Each volunteer role is unique and the responsibilities and authority will be clearly laid out by your relevant volunteer supervisor.

What benefits will I receive as a volunteer?

Please see the volunteer home page.

Will I receive a role description as a volunteer?

Yes. Each opportunity will have a detailed volunteer role description clearly stating what is expected of you as a volunteer.

What is the level of commitment required?

Volunteering is not compulsory and your schedule is always a matter of choice, however there are minimum expectations and these will be clearly defined in your volunteer role description.

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