• Keep calm and get connected

    Two University of Sydney students are bringing a scholarly perspective to the search for solutions to a major global issue.

  • On my mind

    Registered psychologist Emily Scanlan (BEc(SocSc) (Hons) ’01) MInternatLaw ’03) says about 10 percent of her clients fall outside standard treatment models. She’s calling on her profession to explore connections with philosophy.

  • Books that changed my mind

    Two members of the University community reveal the books that changed how they saw the world.

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At the heart of dementia

Professor Jonathan Stone has uncovered important new insights into the cause of dementia. His findings are both powerful and controversial.

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Professional gambling didn’t work, so he took to economics at the University of Sydney. Now Justin Wolfers is one of Australia’s brightest exports.

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From bright idea to budding business, INCUBATE has a strong track record of seeding successful start-ups.

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A man for all seasons

Dr Brett Summerell’s office is located in the Herbarium at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney. To get to his office you must walk past centuries of plant history.

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On my desk: Craig Barker

We asked Archaeologist and Manager, Craig Barker, to dig around his desk and a few of his other obsessions turned up.

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Streets of green

There aren’t many people who can say they’ve had a profound effect on Australia’s building industry. Romilly Madew can.

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My favourite

Karn Ghosh (BAppSc (Physiotherapy) (Hons) ’10), Founder and Chief Executive of Hit 100, an Australian health-tech start-up, shares some of his favourite things.

Duncan Ivison

Global classnotes

This issue we go global, with stories of alumni at work around the world.