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stimulate your mind

Take advantage of your free alumni ticket to any of the great Sydney Ideas lectures, including the weekly Key Thinkers and Human Rights series. Read more

Creating harmony from chaos

David Tunny writes about E G Waterhouse ... a man for all gardens Read more

Taking back the light

Young, bright, left wing and first generation Oz, Tim Soutphommasane is the new face of Australian patriotism, writes Katrina O’Brien Read more

SAM Adventures

In 1964, Texaco began extracting oil in Ecuador and, on withdrawing 20 years later, it left behind a gargantuan toxic mess ... Zoë Tryon is saving the rainforest, one Toxi Tour at a time writes Lauren Smelcher Read more

In praise of praise

Paul Roche, SOPHI Lecturer in Latin, offers a Plinian view on how to win friends and influence people Read more

SAM goes green

Go green and receive your copy of SAM online Read more

Desert of the heart

Gemma Deavin discovers Australia's arid zone is far from deserted, as she joins a Sydney research team in the Simpson Desert Read more

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