Four hundred years of solitude

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is hosting a fascinating series of lectures this winter. You can, for instance, join leading authority Professor Barry Spurr to dissect several centuries of English verse to see how poets express solitude through the ages in The Bliss of Solitude (10 November).

Writers and readers will want to hear Professor Barbara Caine (Head of School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry) explore the changing nature of autobiography and biography, and look at new approaches to historical writing in History and the Individual Life (28 July).

Professor of Anthropology Linda Connor will speak on a variation of a hot topic: Anthropology in the Time of Climate Change, examining new and productive ways of thinking about humanity’s visioning of immortality, death, survival and politics (6 October).

And in Malthus and the New World: Peopling America and Australia, Professor of Modern History Alison Blashford will riff on bringing recent scholarship on colonial, gender and environmental histories to Robert Malthus’ famous Essay on the Principle of Population (18 August).

All events are free, at the Nicholson Museum, with refreshments from 5.30pm, starting at 6pm. Further information bookings: Kate McFarlane 02 9351 7454 or