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Photo of Russell Crowe in Master and Commander

Russell Crowe in Master and Commander

“Doing a course at CCE,” is often the answer to the question: “What are you going to do this winter?” Now there are even more courses to daydream over, contemplate, even choose from and get out and do!

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Here are some ideas.

Film and Music: a fusion for the senses – a new course with well-known movie man Andrew Urban. Join him and some eminent film composers to go inside the creative process of mixing music and image to create heart-stopping moments at the movies.

Restaurant Quality Stocks and Sauces – with Phillip Strasser. By the end of the three sessions you’ll understand the value of homemade stocks and the five leading sauces. It has to be an answer to the would-be foodie’s prayer.

Neuroscience of Creativity: Separating Myth From Science – with Shannan Keen and Jason Gallate. Have you ever wondered how your brain works when it’s coming up with ideas? Would you like to better understand and improve those powers? A wide-ranging, interactive course.

Ancient Sudan: Kingdom of the Black Pharoahs – with Michael Birrell. Tutankhamen and Cleopatra weren’t even half the story of the ancient rulers of sub-Saharan Africa. This series of lectures looks at the history of the Sudan from the Neolithic Era to the fall of Meroe in the fourth century CE.

Heresy and Witchcraft – with Yvette Debergue. A full day exploring the heretics and heresies of the central Middle Ages in Languedoc and England, moving on to the rarely considered lifestyles and beliefs of the inquisitors. Finally, to a comparison of the different ways witches and witchcraft were identified by the Church, ending with the Salem Witch Trials of 1692.

And finally, the course of the year would have to be…

South America’s Southern Cone: Argentina, Uruguay and Chile – with Chris Carter. A 19-day study tour starting in Buenos Aires, crossing the river Plate to Uruguay and historic Colonia; then by air to San Carlos de Bariloche on Lake Nahuei Huapi and the gateway to Chile. Ten days in the long thin country take in private buses, ferries, a Patagonian cruise, the island of Chiloe, the Gulf of Ancud and the Torres del Paine National Park; before turning north and back into Argentina to El Calafate and the Perito Moreno Glacier.

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