• For outstanding achievement

    Meet the five winners recognised in this year’s Alumni Awards and marvel at their achievements.

  • Henry’s sustainable legacy

    A generous gift of $5 million has enabled the establishment of a new trust to advance research into liveable cities.

  • Take your marks, get set...

    From diving to rowing and athletics, Sydney has a number of gold medal prospects at the London Olympic Games.

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All in the mind

Of mice and mental illness

Lars Ittner has stopped Alzheimer’s in mice. Now for humans.

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Mind games

Sharon Naismith uses games and puzzles to help people with dementia.

Image of David Guest

Endangered species

David Guest explains how science can save chocolate.

Image of Quadrangle Restoration

Restoration epic

A behind-the-scenes-look at the dramatic 18-month restoration of the Great Hall.

Second look

Second look

Youthful debut

Four years out, Kip Williams directs his first production for the Sydney Theatre Company.

Gargoyle central

Gargoyle central

The inside story on the Quadrangle’s unusual residents.

Literary surgeon

Literary surgeon

Mohamed Khadra writes plays with a pen and saves lives with a scalpel.

Truthful lies

Truthful lies

Consumers give marketers more than they bargain for.

Sydney extra

What Matters

What matters

Take our poll and tell us what matters to you.

Lets talk

Let's talk

Free evening lectures, forums and debates.

SAM crossword

SAM crossword

Put your thinking cap on.

Honour Roll

Honour roll

Find out which University alumni made the Queen’s Birthday honours list.


I'm not racist...but

I’m not racist...but

NSW Reconciliation Week exposes a few awkward myths.

The Greek crisis

The Greek crisis

An Australian view on a very European problem.

Jack Manning Bancroft

Indigenous opportunity

Alumnus Jack Manning Bancroft on the AIME mentoring program.

Nicole Gurran

Affordable housing?

Alumna and researcher Nicole Gurran looks issues around housing affordability.