Class notes


Stephen Skinner (BA '69)

Stephen Skinner

Stephen Skinner

Stephen has just been awarded his PhD (Classics) by the University of Newcastle, for a thesis on the evolution of magical techniques from Ancient Egypt to Europe via Byzantium. Although he studied English and Geography, Stephen then explored more alternative fields. He has written 37 books on such diverse subjects as geomancy, mediaeval magic and classical Chinese feng shui. He migrated to London in 1972, where he became CEO and MD of several publishing companies.

One of the magazines he launched in 1999 earned him a nomination for the UK PPA ‘Publisher of the Year’ award. His books have been translated into 19 languages and several made the best seller lists. He also wrote the first English book on feng shui in the 20th century in 1976, long before the popular rush. He now lives in Singapore, where he runs a small publishing company.


Katrina Retallick (BA '94)

Katrina Retallick

Katrina Retallick

Katrina starred in the recent production of RUTHLESS! The Musical at the Seymour Centre. A prominent member of the Sydney University Dramatic Society during her student days, Katrina has forged a successful career as a leading lady of the Australian musical theatre stage.

She has appeared in musicals around the world, and won awards for her performances in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and The Addams Family.


Hugh Whalan (BCom '07)

Hugh has been appointed as CEO of Persistent Energy Ghana, which is focussed on developing energy access businesses serving low income households in Africa. Hugh had earlier founded a nonprofit organisation called Energy in Common, which eventually grew into Impact Energies, which later merged with an American company. Hugh says he expects that the new entity will enable him to significantly expand the opportunities for low income households in Africa to have access to clean, affordable solar energy.