Your favourite teachers

Dr Bruce Gardiner and Elizabeth Sofatzis

Dr Bruce Gardiner and Elizabeth Sofatzis

Responses have been flowing in thick and fast for the SAM Favourite Teacher project. Elizabeth Sofatzis (PhD ’13) (pictured right) has captured the passion and gratitude that all respondents have conveyed.

“I am indebted to Dr Bruce Gardiner for his untiring support, tactful criticism, and insightful suggestions: from the acuity of his mind I learnt the art of finding ingenuity in a research topic, from conversations with him I gained an extensive vocabulary, and from his wit further developed a love of humour.”

In the next edition, the magazine will publish a special feature with your responses. So there is still time to nominate your favourite lecturer, tutor or supervisor, together with a short description of what made that teacher so special, and their impact on you.

Please send your nominations, together with brief description (maximum 150 words), with the words FAVOURITE TEACHER on the header line, to: