Second look

SAM July 2014

James Charters

Big data meets botantics

Leaves, herbs and the modern discipline of data mining might not seem like complementary subject areas, but two researchers are linking these with exciting results.

Stewart Dunn

Breaking bad news

We know that the way doctors communicate bad news has a major impact on patients' health. Often though, the doctors' health is overlooked. Professor Stewart Dunn explains.

Besa Deda

Think like an economist

The University of Sydney inspired Besa Deda to achieve extraordinary success in the banking industry, but dedication and good fortune also helped her along the way.

Cabiria poster

Cinema and antiquity

Filmmakers have long been drawn to the ancient world. Professor Maria Wyke discusses the timeless appeal of antiquity.

SAM March 2014

Second look

Smart thinking

Leading writer David Malouf was guest curator of a recent exhibition at the University of the art of leading Australian artist Jeffrey Smart. He shares his intimate knowledge of Smart’s work.


Life of luxury

Economics graduate Philip Corne, CEO of Louis Vuitton Oceania, shares the philosophy and wisdom that have seen him rise to the top of the luxury goods company.


Giant leaps in nano

Associate Professor Fariba Dehghani, a chemical engineer, has achieved astonishing results in two very different areas of research using nanotechnology.

Tee tree medicine

Cardiologist's party trick

Professor David Celermajer poses a quick quiz for his audience: he shows them a slide of a person with a big lump of cholesterol in their heart, and asks how old the person is.

SAM October 2013

Second look

Beating obesity

Dr Li Ming Wen argues that preventing childhood obesity should start even before birth.


Refugee children and detention

In recent years, the routes children have taken to travel to Australia have become increasingly dangerous.



There are several keys to keeping lost weight off, says Associate Professor Amanda Sainsbury-Salis

Tee tree medicine

Tee tree medicine

Tee tree oil has likely been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years, writes Matt Poll.

SAM June 2013

Second look

Hunters and dissectors

The story of the University's brilliant young anatomist, John Irvine Hunter, whose legacy continues to grow and help future generations.

reluctant motorist

The reluctant motorist

Alumnus Greg Duncan talks to Chris Rodley about how his career focus changed from accounting to automobiles.

Silicon start

Silicon start-upper

Commerce graduate Elias Bizannes is an entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley and is now the general manager of the company behind StartupBus and StartupHouse.

helping hands

Helping hands

More than 60% of Sydney’s students participate in an international elective and learn a great deal from observing the different ways of practising medicine around the world.