Up close with TEDx

Dr Clio Cresswell

Dr Clio Cresswell

TEDxSydney was held at the Sydney Opera House on the Anzac Day weekend and the University team was there to capture and enjoy the action as well as participate on stage.

The international ideas forum presented 16 speakers, including the University’s Dr Clio Cresswell and Professor Richard Banati, who delivered their talks to a full house of 2200 attendees in the Opera House Concert Hall.

As Principal Partner, the University mounted a “Lessons Learned” wall for guests to pen their thoughts. It also played host to an additional 300-strong crowd in the Studio, where staff and students took to the stage to discuss their remarkable stories and research, including:

- Professor Ben Freedman and Nicole Lowres, who spoke about the research behind a new stroke test that is an iPhone cover, enabling a quick and accurate diagnosis of unknown atrial fibrillation.

- PhD student Ali Fathi, who has developed a cartilage-repairing injectable gel which has the potential to make open knee surgery unnecessary, and Jo Morrisson from INCUBATE, the start-up accelerator program run by the University of Sydney Union.

- Professor Hala Zreiqat, who has developed a material that can mimic the property of bone, which has the potential to revolutionise treatment for bone breakages.