Belinda Hutchinson

Coming home

The new Chancellor, Belinda Hutchinson, is thrilled to be back on campus.

Image of Edwina Tanner

Mysteries of the deep

Edwina Tanner is on a mission to solve Sydney Harbour's climate secrets.

Image of people preventing the flu

Catching the flu

Kevin Downard's new analytic test will speed up diagnosis of the virus.

Image of light bulb


Bright student minds develop new digital products.

Image of dancer


The University launches its most ambitious fundraising campaign: INSPIRED.

Image of Angkor Wat

Beneath Angkor's foliage

Sydney archaeologists uncover a hidden civilisation.

Image of Jacob Baldwin

Extraordinary 'ability'

An advocate for the disabled has had a scholarship endowed in his honour.

Image of the Getty Museum

Come and Getty

Director of the Getty Museum, Timothy Potts, has a budget and resources that make him the envy of the art world.

Image of St Paul's College

Living at St Paul's

There is much more to the University's residential colleges than recent media coverage would suggest.

Image of Jillian Kilby

Just go for it

It’s a long way from the NSW bush to the US west coast for engineer Jillian Kilby.