Student caller reaches out

Image of Zoe Walton

The University of Sydney runs an annual telephone program where enthusiastic students reach out to alumni and friends to connect over their shared experiences.

Our students also highlight how supporters of the University can make a difference by making a small contribution towards various research initiatives, faculty projects and scholarships that help our brightest minds reach their full-potential.

Zoe Walton, a third year Bachelor of Veterinary Science student, has been working as a student caller since April last year and is inspired by the far-reaching experiences of the University’s alumni community. “I love being part of the telephone program because as an undergraduate student it is really exciting to hear how a degree from the University has helped an alumni get to where they are today,” said Zoe.

“We are a close-knit team studying across different faculties and disciplines. It is an opportunity to meet people from outside our course work. Sharing our alumni success stories gives us an insight into the depth and breadth of experience coming out of the University of Sydney. I think our alumni give to the University because they can see how the knowledge and experience they gained while studying here has had a direct impact on their lives. Last year we made history. More University of Sydney alumni chose to give back to their alma mater than any other Australian university.

“So many of the people we talk to are proud to be part of the University of Sydney community and want other deserving students to be able to have that experience, regardless of their financial or socioeconomic background. We are so grateful for the amazing support from our graduates. As a student I really see the difference a small gift can make in the lives of students. So when you receive our call, try and think back to your days on campus – we love to hear about your time here,” said Zoe.
The Sydney Development Fund would like to thank all alumni and friends who have shown their support through the telephone program. Every dollar counts, every person counts.