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Portrait of Justin Lurie

Justin Lurie

Justin Lurie (MIntBus ’03) decided to re-invent himself after a division closure and lay-off from an excellent job in the USA at a Fortune 250 company in the energy industry. He jumped in the deep end: founding his own company in a new industry with no experience!

“I first came up with the idea in February 2010, and officially opened the doors of Bond St Custom Clothiers last November 2010. We are an online retail company specialising in custom suits, shirts and tuxedos for men.”

Lurie travelled throughout Asia sourcing suppliers and created the intensive website, building a company from the ground up.

“I am happy to report that I now utilise my Sydney degree more than ever,” he says. “Completing it prepared me to build a truly global company with suppliers and contractors all over the world. I am on the phone daily to multiple continents and love every minute of it.”

Bond St Custom Clothiers is a 21st century twist on an old theme. Clients can design their own suits, shirts or tuxedoes from wherever they access the net. First comes fabric selection, then the design, using images to see and adjust the final garment. Once satisfied with the look, there’s a simple guide to make quick and easy measurements that means the suit is custom tailored for the client.

“If a client doesn’t know how to best match the suit colour or fabric and design to their body type or style, we have created the Concierge – Style Wizard,” says Lurie. “It’s a questionnaire that will determine your body type, style, fit and the fabrics which will best suit you and what you want the suit for. Then you can design the suit or tuxedo and shirt that will fit you best!”