March 2011 Crossword

Crossword template for March 2011

The prize crossword is a small but heartfelt tribute to former vice-chancellor and principal Professor Gavin Brown AO FAA CorrFRSE and is the last puzzle he compiled before his untimely death on Christmas Day 2010.


1 Simple mathematical skill – hard to acquire with 18? (14)
9 Expert challenges and reform advocate. (9)
10 Queen holds Asian dish for another ruler. (5)
11 Dysfunctional writer is welcomed back in old SA. (5)
12 Brackens, heather provide cover, doubly so. (9)
13 Referring to small stones in pattern assembled by Lasseter. (8)
15 Fizz opened and given to uncle. (6)
17 Overweight without a way of describing vigorous impact. (6)
19 Illegally take most of 24 and most of this whole enterprise. (8)
22 Text emperor delivers off the cuff with a sinister twist in the tail. (2,7)
23 How you arrived at 4 and 20 perhaps. (5)
24 Time period when part of clan was evicted may still generate fiery response. (5)
25 Preserved from long ago I throw up in unimaginative surroundings. (9)
26 Perhaps Peter advertises unproductive investment opportunities. (7,7)


1 I’m poet’s help. She conjures up a devilish character. (14)
2 Wild female to smarm up over monster home. (7)
3 Fashionable secret, regularly powering no reaction. (5)
4 Window framing a Christian. (8)
5 Shows compassion with a hint of solace and a loving gesture. (6)
6 Indication of location of warning and assertion of consequence. (9)
7 Outperform with shy indication of pot. (7)
8 Destitution with Donald gone. (14)
14 10 crushed with sacred flower is by no means everlasting. (9)
16 “I am a fairy” – Expression of heritance or traditional rule? (8)
18 Famous incompetent? (7)
20 God cut short chaotic departure leaving semi-precious stone. (7)
21 He throws and drops coloured balls. (6)
23 Macho Irish envelop traditional Welsh assembly. (5)

November solution

The first correct entry out of SAM’s hat is Christine Edwards (BA ’71) of Burwood Heights, NSW.

Crossword solution for November 2010