March 2012 Features

  • Shopping mall in china

    Land of opportunity

    The China Studies Centre is helping to shape the national conversation about how Australia can best engage with the awakening giant.

  • Old image of students

    The gift of education

    A new history of Sydney University reveals how an early benefactor transformed the idea of public donation from a religious obligation to a civic duty.

  • Image of student

    Investing in our future

    Scholarships provide a platform for many students to attain their highest goals. SAM explores what some of our scholars have been working on during the past year.

  • Image of gambling

    Against the odds

    A team of researchers has come up with a targeted strategy to treat problem gamblers, and hopes to show how effective their method can be.

  • Image of planets

    Sight of the century

    The upcoming Transit of Venus in June will not happen again for more than 100 years. Dr Nick Lomb traces the history and impact of this celestial wonder.

  • Image of Australia

    What matters to you?

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