The hand of friendship

Photo from event

Greg Moore with students

Imagine how it feels to arrive in Australia with no knowledge of the local culture, customs or traditions. Here’s a way for alumni to help make the University’s international students feel more at home as they face the daunting task of settling down for their time here.

The University of Sydney’s Fun, Fare & Future Alumni program connects students with alumni who host a meal and offer a warm, friendly environment so that people new to the country can meet other people, form friendships and exchange experiences with each other and their host. Gatherings can range from a leisurely breakfast or a barbecue lunch to a formal dinner – the host decides.

International students comprise 22 per cent of all those studying at the University of Sydney, and participants have included students from Chile, Iran, the Philippines, Kazakhstan, Singapore, the USA, the UK, Germany, Colombia, India, Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea, Mauritius and Pakistan. The program is also open to Australian students hoping to increase their networks.

It provides alumni with an opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of current students, as Greg Moore (DipCrimm ’86) testifies. “We had a great time,” says Moore (pictured above), who has hosted events at his home in Goulburn, NSW. “I took the students down the south road and we stopped for lookout views of Wollongong and the south coast, and then went on to Goulburn. We had king prawns, some drinks, a barbecue and Aussie pavlova for dessert.

“We laughed so much. My wife and I received very nice comments from them afterwards by SMS and email, and I think we’ll all be keeping in touch.”

You can host a function by visiting the website or simply telephone us on 9036 9504.