Learning for all

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We're pleased to announce that alumni now receive an exclusive 10% discount for all Centre for Continuing Education courses. With over 700 different courses to choose from, there is a short course for everyone.

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Learning for all

You may have put your formal education behind you, but that doesn’t mean your learning days at the University are over. The Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) offers more than 700 courses throughout the year, covering 13 disciplines as diverse as business and management, computers and IT, the creative arts, humanities, languages, personal or professional development, science and social science.

There are courses in entertainment, food and wine, gardening, relationships, photography and sport. You can go out and about on a walking tour, or even further afield on an overseas study tour. You could take photographs in North Africa or explore the pyramids of Mexico.

The best part is that all University alumni receive a 10 per cent discount on course fees, up to a maximum of $500 (visit the CCE website). Here are some ideas to whet your appetite.

Financial Planning to Achieve Your Life Goals
Few of us are taught how to be financially literate. This one-day course will help you develop life goals and the confidence to develop financial strategies to help you achieve what is important to you.

The Art Galleries of Sydney
Visit Sydney’s major public and private art galleries in seven weekly sessions, investigating the wonderful permanent collections and changing exhibitions that make up the dynamic art scene in Sydney.

Music of the Classical Period
Eighteenth-century composers believed music should be appreciated by all, regardless of class or education. Discover the music from this period during this one-day course.

Writer’s Block
An inspirational six-evening course that aims to help writers and would-be writers better understand what might be in the way of starting, developing, committing to and/or completing their projects. The nurturing classroom environment will provide a place to learn, observe and practise different methods to manage blocks. The course includes information, management techniques and exercises.

Sicily and Malta: A Cultural Exploration
Spend 22 days touring these beautiful Mediterranean cultures, starting in Palermo, going off the beaten track, over to the island of Lipari and finally to Malta. The focus is on the local history, art, architecture and literature.

Find out about these and hundreds more fascinating, useful and exciting courses at www.cce.usyd.edu.au