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Image of Amanda Salis

Do extreme diets work?

Amanda Salis investigates whether they are good for us.

Image of Tejendra

Educating Tejendra

How a newspaper ad changed one man's life.

Image of Jeremy Heimans

Man with a purpose

Jeremy Heimans has started an online social change movement.

Image of boy laying on bed with phone

New horizons

Latest research from the faculties of Education, Law and Business.

image of Daniel Stacey

Philosophy rules

Daniel Stacey on the importance of his favourite subject.

image of John and Rita Cornforth

Vale John Cornforth

Farewell to a Nobel Prize winner..

image of library

Archives and downloads

What makes a 21st-century university library?

image of winning entry

SAM Photo Competition

Winners announced for the magazine's inaugural travel photo competition.

Second look

A selection of interesting articles which have appeared in other University publications.

Image of Jefferey Smart's work

Smart thinking

David Malouf shares his intimate knowledge of Australian artist Jeffrey Smart.

Image of Phillip Corne

Life of luxury

Phillip Corne, CEO of Louis Vuitton Oceania, tells of his rise to the top of the luxury goods company.

Image of Fariba

Giant leaps in nano

Chemical engineer, Fariba Dehghani, and her astonishing results using nanotechnology.

Image of David Celermajer

Cardiologist's party trick

Can you tell how old a person is by looking at the cholesterol in their heart?

Sydney extra

Find out what's happening on campus and beyond with more news and event updates.

Sydney Festival

Lunchtime learning at CPC

The Charles Perkins Centre is now hosting free lunchtime seminars from world-leading academics.


Postgraduate studies

Flexible coursework programs from a graduate certificate or diploma to a master’s degree are now on offer.

Let's talk

Let's talk

Join us for free evening lectures, forums and debates, as part of the Sydney Ideas program.

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Events calendar

The University events calendar includes Sydney Ideas lectures, exhibitions, student events and much more.