November 2010 Features

  • Image of Neil Armfield

    Profile: Neil Armfield

    Neil Armfield is one of the most successful and influential men of his generation in theatre and opera; find out why. By Elissa Blake

  • Image of Michael Marmot

    Health Science: Michael Marmot

    Sir Michael Marmot has affected the health of 50 million people and counting. He began at Sydney. Fran Molloy reports.

  • Image of Ann Schofield and Vivian Chan Shaw

    Anne Schofield and Vivian Chan Shaw

    Caroline Baum brings two of Sydney’s most admired creative forces and businesswomen together.

  • Image of hot air balloon

    Flight Technology

    Sydney students were pioneers of hot air balloon flight. And they did it on the lawns of the University. Grahame Wilson remembers.

  • Image of landscape

    New Guinea Gold

    Michael Waterhouse writes about how a young Sydney engineer opened up of the interior of our nearest neighbours in the 1930s