Wild Latin Partying

Photo of Latin and Classical Greek students

Latin and Classical Greek students

By Libby Jones BA ’61

Many former students of Latin and Classical Greek at the University have fond memories of dressing up in a toga and taking part in classical plays – in the original languages. They will be delighted to know that the tradition has not only been revived in the last few years, but is also enhanced by the use of punchy English surtitles.

The publicity for this year’s production of Mostellaria (The Haunted House) by Plautus promised: “Young men spending other people’s money on call girls. Shady property deals and renovation envy. Wild partying by home-alone teens. Find out how the Romans did it.”

The play (production and surtitles by Charles Tesoriero Lecturer in Latin, Dr Anne Rogerson) was such a success that a second performance was needed – again in the appropriate atmosphere of the Nicholson Museum.

In September next year, selections of Aristophanes’ uproarious and subversive sex-strike comedy, The Lysistrata, will be staged. Contact Dr Alastair Blanshard
() closer to the time for details.

Classics continue strongly at the University (with Latin student numbers over 130 and Classical Greek 80), following the vigour of 37 Sydney schools which teach one or both languages. Among other classical studies initiatives, the University hosts the inter-school Classical Languages Reading Competition and the highly popular January Latin Summer School.