• The mother of all petrol bills

    Professor of Robotics, Salah Sukkarieh, is helping Qantas find ways of saving on its fuel costs.

  • Gold and glory: the inside story

    London was Sydney’s second-best Olympics. Here is the honour roll, plus brand new revelations from our Olympians on the stories behind their success.

  • Stamp of good health

    A medical researcher stumbles on to a rare stamp that tells a story of the University’s role in a forgotten 1920s public health campaign to eradicate cancer.

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image of Fiona Allon

Female fans: it’s personal

Fiona Allon shines a light on the history and experiences of women rugby league supporters.

Image of Louise Robert-Smith

Passionate principal

Louise Robert-Smith, head of Ascham and formerly North Sydney Girls High, reflects on her experiences.

Image of Thread Head

Hot shots, cold cases

Crown prosecutor, photographer and now crime writer: Mark Tedeschi is bursting with creativity.

Image of Warwick Anderson

Race, southern-style

Warwick Anderson wants to find out if there is a concept of race that is specific to the southern hemisphere.

image of quiz

SAM online quiz

Test your Sydney knowledge and take the SAM Online quiz.

Image of Julia Horne

Sydney in ten questions

University historian Julia Horne’s tour of interesting chapters of Sydney’s history.

Image of professionals

Alumni Business Directory

Promote your business free of charge in the new Alumni Business Directory.

Image of Warwick Anderson

Alumni stories online

How chemist Don Heussler got involved in the Six-Day War.

Second look

Image of a soldier

Soldiers or assassins?

Was the killing of Bin Laden a lawful act of war, or illegal assassination?

Children as consumers

Children as consumers

The healthy alternatives to fast food branding strategies.

Literary surgeon

Tic-ing away

Professor Tim Usherwood reflects on a life with Tourette Syndrome.

Metals in medicine

Metals in medicine

The power of platinum to heal illness.

Sydney extra

Image of events

Events calendar

The University events calendar includes Sydney Ideas lectures, exhibitions, student events and much more.

Postgrad site

Ignite the possible

Thinking of returning to study? We have just launched a new postgraduate microsite.

Let's talk

Let's talk

Free evening lectures, forums and debates.

Honour Roll


Catch up on the events you missed with these podcasts.


Empower a girl

Empower a girl

October 11 marked the first International Day of the Girl Child to promote girls’ rights, highlight gender inequalities and address discrimination and abuse.

Steve Simpson

From locusts to obesity

What the eating habits of locusts revealed to Professor Stephen Simpson about obesity.

Resoration epic

Restoration epic

A behind-the-scenes-look at the dramatic 18-month restoration of the Great Hall.

John Keane

Social media and democracy

Professor of Politics John Keane on how 21st century media are transforming the future of democracy.