Class notes


Colette Griplas (LLB ’04) and Carina Onzer (LLB ’04)
Colette Griplas and Carina Ozner

Colette Griplas and Carina Ozner became friends in the hallowed hallways of the University Law School. They both tried brief forays into individual commercial careers – Colette was a litigation lawyer, then worked for the Crown and later, a Hollywood film studio, while Carina was a banking and finance lawyer in Australia and overseas. However, in May, after three years of planning, the two friends opened a company called Specs Addict, pooling their talents and satisfying their creative urges. The fledgling retro-chic eyewear company, which offers “affordable and fashionable spectacles”, also launched its online collection earlier in the year.

Simon Liang (MLMgt ’03) and Lin Wang (MCom ’07)
Image of Simon Jiang and Lin Wang

Simon Jiang got more than he bargained for when he volunteered to help establish the China Alumni Network’s Beijing alumni group. Business School alumnus Simon, who owns Silk-Roads Shipping Ltd, met Lin Wang at a Beijing Alumni Olympics Party in 2008 and a very strong connection was made. They recently got married in Beijing with a crowd of more than 180 family and friends, including many fellow Sydney alumni. Congratulations to the happy couple.


Akram Omeri (PhD '96)
Akram Omeri

Akram Omeri was awarded an OAM in June for service and commitment to Transcultural Nursing. Dr Omeri grew up in Tehran, earning her nursing qualification from the School of Nursing, American University of Beirut in Lebanon, and midwifery certificate in the UK, then studied in America before completing the first PhD in Australia in Transcultural Nursing. Since that time she has continued teaching and promoting her specialty in Australian universities and overseas in Saudi Arabia. Dr Omeri now runs her own consultancy, Transcultural Nursing and Health Care Consulting, which is committed to supporting and promoting holistic, humanistic and culturally safe nursing and health care.


Penne Gillies (BA ’75 DipMusStud ’77)

Penny Gillies studied archaeology, then spent many years working in the federal government, industry and schools, all the while maintaining an interest in cartooning. In July her first published work, a humorous book about Melbourne transport, titled Sentenced to Transportation, was published. A collaboration with writer and poet Kathryn Hamann, it covers everything from trams and trains through to cars, skateboards and monster prams. Aside from cartoons, Penne also works extensively in textiles and designs her own soft sculptures, garments and accessories.

Victor Kline (LLB ’74)

Victor Cline (LLB ’74) has just published his novel Rough Justice in electronic form through Kindle Direct Publishing. The novel, a romantic comedy set in and around the Sydney bar and rural NSW, was first released by Allen & Unwin in 1995. Victor started his working life as a federal prosecutor in Sydney, then went on to be a defence counsel in the Northern Territory where he narrowly avoided being shot in open court. He travelled widely overseas, and worked as an actor and theatre director in New York. He is now Editor of the Federal Court Reports and has come full circle to study a BA at the University of Sydney in the subjects he always loved, History and French.


Dr Max Barry (BVSc ’52)

Max Barry

Dr Max Barry OAM joined more than 6000 veterans at the Bomber Command Ceremony in London on 28 June, for the unveiling of a memorial to the 50,000-plus airmen of Bomber Command who died during World War II. Max served as a rear gunner in a Lancaster bomber when the crew had to bail out over France in 1944 due to fire, and was sent by the Germans to POW camps in Poland and Germany. In Sydney after the war he studied Veterinary Science, and married medical student Ruth Maegraith (MBBS ’52). Both daughters, Associate Professor Katherine Brown (MBBS ’78) and Christina Barry (BSc ’80) also studied at Sydney. Max was accompanied to London by his son-in-law, health sciences alumnus John Brown.