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Image of Ralph Heimans

The Queen and I

Ralph Heimans reflects on the tension, protocol and excitement of painting a portrait of the Queen.

Image of Salah Sukkarieh

The mother of all petrol bills

Salah Sukkarieh is helping Qantas save on its fuel costs.

Image of Fiona Allon

Female fans: It's personal

Fiona Allon on the history and experiences of women rugby league supporters.

Image of Michael Beircuk

Tiny particles: Quantum leaps

Michael Biercuk’s research into quantum computing could help revolutionise our energy use.

Image of Marie Bashir

The common touch

Marie Bashir's colleague and deputy, Alan Cameron, reflects on the special qualities she brought to her five years as Chancellor.

Image of Warwick Anderson

The southern take on race

Is there a concept of race specific to the southern hemisphere? Warwick Anderson wants to find out.

Image of Mark Tedeschi

Hot shots cold cases

Crown prosecutor, photographer and now crime writer - Mark Tedeschi is bursting with creativity. See Richard Ackland's speech to launch Eugenia.

Image of Louise Robert-Smith

Matters of principal

Principal of Ascham, Louise Robert-Smith, reflects on her experiences in the public and private systems.

Image of stamp

Stamp of good health

The rare stamp that tells a story of the University’s role in a forgotten 1920s public health campaign to eradicate cancer.

Image of Amy Johansen

Organ restoration

Amy Johansen celebrates an important organ donation.