• The gift of good health

    Peter Davidson's childhood illness, life experiences, and living bequest.

  • Changing lives

    James Curran, the lecturer who makes a difference.

  • Fixing the media

    Adjunct Professor at the University and former editor of the SMH, Peter Fray, says the media needs to restore public trust.

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Alumni awards 2013

The 2013 Alumni Awards

Celebrating the outstanding achievements and contributions of our alumni.

Image of Gill and Terry Leahy

Lights, camera, Zimbabwe

Sister joined brother to document an African permaculture project that turned a struggling village into a self-sufficient community.

image of simon

Yankee doodle is dandy

Simon Greiner’s casual doodle of The New Yorker magazine’s mascot ended up on the cover of the iconic masthead.

Image of mask

Oh, the pain, the pain...

A richly detailed exhibition on the history of anaesthesia reveals shifting attitudes towards pain.

Image of Meredith Owen

A giving thing

Meredith Owen graduated with a dentistry degree and a love of volunteering.

Image of Broadway

Left bank on Broadway

In the 1970s, the Footbridge Theatre’s Foyer Cafe was a hotbed of intellectual life the equal of any in Greenwich Village or Paris.


Batman loves Robin

What if the caped crusader fancied his boy wonder? Joseph Brennan is researching the rise of ‘slash fiction’.

image of organ pigeon

When disaster strikes

Emergency humanitarian worker, Briony Stevens, is reluctant to swap her life for the ‘real world’.

Second look

A selection of interesting articles which have appeared in other University publications.

Image of researcher

Early start to beat obesity

As early as two years of age, one in five toddlers in Australia is already overweight or obese.

Image of child refugee

Waiting for life to begin

In recent years, the routes children have taken to travel to Australia have become increasingly dangerous.

Image of reseacher


There are several keys to keeping lost weight off, says Associate Professor Amanda Sainsbury-Salis.

Image of Tee tree

Tee tree: Australia's oldest medicine

Tee tree oil has likely been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years, writes Matt Poll.

Sydney extra

Find out what's happening on campus and beyond with more news and event updates.

Sydney Festival

Sydney Festival 2014

The University has partnered with Sydney Festival to celebrate the culture and ideas that make our city so unique.


Postgraduate studies

Flexible coursework programs from a graduate certificate or diploma to a master’s degree are now on offer.

Let's talk

Let's talk

Join us for free evening lectures, forums and debates, as part of the Sydney Ideas program.

Image of events

Events calendar

The University events calendar includes Sydney Ideas lectures, exhibitions, student events and much more.


Julia Horne

Sydney stories

University historian Julia Horne discusses new evidence on who really designed the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


Message from the Vice-Chancellor

The Vice-Chancellor, Dr Michael Spence, has a special message for alumni, in Mandarin..


Sydney Connections Breakfast

Alumnus David Stratton discusses his life in cinema at a Sydney Connections Breakfast..


The impact of giving

A personal reflection by donor John Hooke, highlighting the very best of the University of Sydney community.